Sometimes in life we find ourselves blighted by problems that might be physical, mental, emotional or a combination of all three. When chronic, stress and anxiety will precipitate physical illness. Destructive patterns of behaviour impact our emotional wellbeing, and that of our loved ones. Patterns of movement, or a deskbound job, will cause muscular imbalances, inflexibility and diminish the ability to move freely and perform athletically. Drug therapies and GP’s do not always hold the answer to finding better personal physical and emotional wellbeing.

We are lucky in Stirlingshire, Loch Lomond & Trossachs to be blessed with some excellent therapists. Here are three that Linked Magazine can highly recommend:


SoHypno Hypnotherapy

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Claire Young at SoHypno is professional, experienced and so easy to talk to. She has the perfect personality for this type of therapy; open, quiet, professional, patient and understanding. Based in the Stirlingshire area, and with a therapy room near Balfron (lots of easy parking), SoHypno is accessible and affordable. Claire also visit schools and businesses to do group sessions to help with stress and anxiety. Private Skype/Facetime sessions are also available.

Patterns of behavior are programmed into the subconscious from the earliest age, and we absorb what is around us: emotional conditioning, experiences, fears, and anxieties. Hypnotherapy allows an entirely natural and deeply relaxed state that taps into the recesses of the subconscious mind, an area that we cannot usually access. When in this relaxed state, the brain wavelength changes and the subconscious becomes open to suggestion. This part of the brain is incredibly powerful and without agenda.  The hypnotic state allows the subconscious the ability to accept solutions

Through guided suggestion, we can eliminate limits placed by the conscious mind. This can change thought patterns and effectively re-boot an aspect of your behavior that is making you unhappy or causing issues.

Hypnotherapy is an effective clinical treatment for a whole range of problems ranging from stress, anxiety, overeating, smoking cessation to phobias and self-destructive behavioral patterns.

Claire and Linked Magazine are teaming up to do a video interview soon, and hopefully some guided meditation podcasts or videos.


Alison Gilkes Remedial & Sports Therapy Massage

Massage is a versatile tool and can be invaluable in the treatment of a diverse range of problems. Clients can come to the clinic for many reasons:

Frustrated clients unable to return to exercise due to old injuries and scars causing pain.

Clients with busy lifestyles that are stressed, tense, and need to unwind.

Clients who spend a long time in one position and experience tightness & stiffness when they move around.

Elderly patients who sit for long periods and experienced pain and stiffness

Sports injuries

Alison Gilkes is a qualified remedial and sports massage therapist and is available in both Buchlyvie & Killearn for client sessions. Appointments can be made to suit, with evenings and weekend slots available (book quickly!).


Endrick Holistics

Specialising in Reflexology, Reiki & Indian Head Massage, Endrick Holistics offer a variety of natural therapies that effectively promote, restore and maintain the balanced state of the body and mind. Fully qualified, experienced and driven by a real desire to help clients achieve optimum physical and mental wellbeing, Endrick Holistics can offer bespoke sessions that will address your personal needs.


As a  holistic therapist, I am passionate about what I do- I love helping others and witnessing the positive ripple effects the therapies have on my clients whether they come to their sessions as a treat, a self-care practice, a way to keep stress levels under control or to help them deal with physical or emotional needs. I aim to work alongside conventional medicine in a natural and supportive way to promote better health and wellbeing for my clients. 

Frederique Power, Endrick Holistics

Sessions are available in the Balfron area, and at the Lumsdaine Halls in Killearn




If you offer alternative or holistic therapies, have a business that focusses on health and wellbeing, and would like to be listed within our effective directory, please have a look here.




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