The International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning (IAWEP) has released the fifth annual International Wedding Trend Report revealing the top wedding trends and statistics for the new year according to the world’s most recognized special events experts.

“The International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning is a global leader of continuing education in the weddings and events industry,” shares Kylie Carlson, CEO of IAWEP. “Our connection to industry experts around the world provides us with the unique opportunity to invest in researching and revealing worldwide wedding trends. Each year offers new and exciting styles and designs, and we’re thrilled to share that 2019 has a lot in store.”

Event planner and TV personality Colin Cowie shares his thoughts about weddings in 2019, assuring that “we can expect to see the return to deep colors like emerald and aubergine, as well as rising popularity for florals including dahlias and ranunculus. We’re over the floral wall and the rustic wedding- while they were both immensely popular for a time, we are trending back towards greenery and contemporary looks.”

Likewise, luxury wedding planner Mindy Weiss predicts a shift to more natural and organic styles. “Couples are opting for low centerpieces instead of tall and that lends itself to a more natural, romantic look,” she shares. “The style is more of an unkept garden than a tight and formal wedding for 2019. Couples are also investing more in tabletop than before and renting unique dishes that are often mismatched and paired with cut crystal.”

Away with Plated Dinners

“This year, we’ll see much less in the way of traditional seated dinners,” says Carlson. “Instead, more informal options like buffet and made-to-order food stations will dominate the catering side of weddings in 2019.” Sam Johnson, owner of Carmela Weddings, elaborates: “Think bowl food and sharing platters. It’s sociable, flexible and practical, and now it has the Royal Seal of Approval, there is no sign its popularity will fade in 2019.”

An Emphasis on Going Green

“We can expect the continued rise of eco-friendly weddings, with couples also opting to include vegan menu options for their reception,” ensures Cowie. In addition, Holly Poulter, creative director of Revelry Events, adds: “Couples are also becoming more and more conscious of the impact their food choices have in a wider context. With a huge number of couples going vegan or just being more aware of waste, plant‑based, sustainable and local is very much on the menu for 2019.”

A New Take on Photo Booths

“Classic photo booths decline in popularity, but photo services stay strong,” assures Juliana Rodriguez of Scarlett Entertainment. “Classic photo prints are no longer the only type of picture couples want for their big day: videos and animated GIFs are guaranteed to become trendy entertainment for weddings next year, an innovative and fun way to congratulate the newlyweds.”

Weddings: Not Just for Saturdays

“The biggest trend I’ve seen lately is the Friday wedding,” shares Weiss. “Couples care about the date more than the day of week. It’s about the number and, if that falls on a Friday, so be it.” On the same note, “Sunday weddings have become more popular at venues worldwide, with casual atmospheres, brunch menus and daytime activities playing a big role,” adds Carlson.

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