School Holidays are nearly upon us. Why not ditch the Smart devices and get your kids out in nature to collect the beautiful fallen bounty all around them?  When it is cold or wet, retreat indoors to do these fabulous autumn creative craft projects. The kids will love it!

Here are a few ideas to inspire some crafty projects with the kids this autumn.

1. Conker Worm

Kids are never short of things to do with conkers, but this is a nice idea for younger kids (parents can make the holes in advance so they just need to be threaded).

2. Beautiful Leaf Bowls & Decorations

These can be very beautiful and intricate, or just a lovely leaf-fest. Collect your leaves in advance and allow to dry in a cool place. Modpodge is basically watered-down PVA craft glue! All you need is a ballon blown up (balloon shape/size will dictate the bowl shape) and apply the leaves, allow to dry then – POP!

3. Pinecone Hedgehogs

These guys are monster cute, and you can use whatever you have to hand to make them. Some craft glue, then the addition of card, material or felt. The local supermarket often have cheap packs of craft items that include card and the google eyes.

4. Leaf Paintings

Great for all ages, the youngest can simply paint over the leaves to leave a perfects leaf shape. Use your imagination and let your kids go wild with water based paint and glue. Use painted hands to imprint on paper the tree and branches, then stick the leaves on to make a fabulous autumn tree. Or draw a face and use leaves stuck on to make bonkers fiery red and yellow hairstyles.

5. Autumn Leave Masks

I rather love these. You could also use a watered down PVA glue to stick and mould leaves onto a blown-up balloon for more shape and structure. Just pop the balloon when they are dry. Start making fab and original Halloween masks now.

6. Halloween Spook Ghost Leaves

Make these to stick on windows or attach with cotton thread to coathangers to make spooks that dangle and dance in the draught.

7. Leaf Mobiles

No need to stick to leaves here – older kids might want to add their own ideas. Glitter, painted conkers, twigs, beechnuts, beads & bells could all be incorporated.


8. Super Pumpkin Slime

What’s not to like?


Happy crafting folks!

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