Scottish Sea Glass Jewellery from local artisan company Boho Silver 
The Ultimate Scottish Gift- Handmade in Scotland
Artisan makers of Scottish sea glass jewellery; necklaces, bangles, sea glass rings, earrings, bracelets

Sea glass jewellery is stunning. Scottish sea glass jewellery makes it a bit special. Whether it’s a personal gift, a keepsake from Scotland or for a Scottish wedding theme, it lends itself beautifully. Finding a Scottish gift that is absolutely authentic, beautiful and completely original in design takes a bit of searching. Eureka!  Boho Silver are a local mother and daughter team that recently launched their own business, and have quickly built a following.

Pale Aqua Scottish Sea Glass Ring from Boho Silver

Keeping the look boho and modern, the pair use the natural form of the sea glass to design their stunning sea glass jewellery. Hand collected sea glass, from around the Scottish coastline, is used and no two items will ever be the same.

Travelling in their van the two visit remote Highland Scottish beaches, as well as town and city beaches, to search for sea glass.

Elizabeth & Scarlett are passionate about their jewellery, and that is clear to see when you see the beauty and diversity of their designs.

Sea glass is the result of the ocean’s natural recycling process. It’s Mother Nature at her very best, producing unique gems  (also known as Mermaid’s Tears) from human trash. It’s the ultimate eco-jewellery.  Discarded bottles, tableware and crystal have spent decades being tumbled by the sea; waves, rocks, sand and salt shape every piece of glass. Some pieces are well over 100 year old. The colour of the sea glass varies, and there is a ‘scale’ of rarity. The chances of finding teal sea glass, for example, is 1 in 5000 pieces. Cobalt pieces may have been Victorian poison bottles, and ‘sea foam colour’ was often from old seltzer bottles. Red is extremely rare as was little used due to the glass requiring gold content to make the colour red.


Boho Silver – Scottish Sea Glass Bangle/Bracelet


As a result, Boho Silver produce eco-friendly and sustainable jewellery.

Boho Silver Bridal
Scottish Sea Glass Earrings

A new Boho Silver Bridal range is forthcoming, using the beautiful sea glass, and Scottish coral hand cast in Sterling silver. They can make for all of the bridal party, and their jewellery makes gorgeous keepsakes:

  • handmade sterling silver bridal tiaras
  • handmade sterling silver bridal sea glass hair pins & decoration
  • handmade sterling silver bride & bridesmaids jewellery
  • handmade sterling silver Scottish coral lapel pin or kilt pin
  • handmade sterling silver Scottish coral cufflinks

Boho Silver also use Scottish sea glass (sometimes Seaham sea glass for particular colours) to produce bespoke pieces for individuals.

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