We are currently revising what we offer. There is a basic Business Directory listing, which has currently a flat fee of £120 for the year.

To include promotion across social media platforms, and inclusion within magazine content, we will be offering a couple of alternative price options.

Drop an email in the meantime, as a pricelist/brochure is currently being sorted – editor@linkedmagazine.co.uk

Why List in Linked Magazine Business Directory?


Research shows that nearly all new business will come via an online search using Smartphones, tablets & computers.
  • Search engines rank the businesses they know most about and trust in their top listings. Their aim is to deliver a good user experience, and to do that, they constantly ‘crawl’ for other sources of business information on the Web to verify your data.


  • In addition to providing search engines with a way to validate local business data, our directory links back to the business’ website. This natural, trusted backlink provides a local and relevant link that enhances your local SEO results in the SERPs.


  • Our interactive directory platform also has backlinks to all social media platforms, an interactive map and trusted content information around your business, which further validates your business with Google (et al). This is not a static directory (most are).


  • Google loves active hyperlocal directories with good written content. Our magazine content is laden with search terms for the area, is packed with quality hyperlinks to websites and will be favoured by search engines when potential new customers are searching online.


  • Internet directories act as a verification source for your business data on Google et al. When a search engines can match specific business data from a webpage or business directory to the info they have on file, this serves to verify the information, which in turn makes your data more authoritative. Our directory listing allows logos, video, photos, descriptions and categorised listings which further enhance your search engine ranking.


The basic listing of £120 offers fantastic value as simply that – a directory listing (see reasons above) – but I have to put in place a different price structure to include my time promoting across social media platforms or within the magazine itself.

We want to keep things as cost effective as we can for our listings but it has become apparent that many hours every week are being spent online doing social media trying to promote the listing we have. At the flat fee of £120/£10 per month (that’s 3 pence per day), I am working the majority of my hours for no revenue. Writing articles takes time, and I need to pay for licenses on the digital platform used for the magazine.

Elizabeth (Editor)