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Work Balfron & surrounding villages Stirling G63 0RD United Kingdom Work Phone: 07818 112 693 Live Messenger: @endrickholistics Website: Endrick Holistics
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Endrick Holistics offer a variety of natural therapies that effectively promote, restore and maintain the balanced state of the body and mind. Fully qualified, experienced and driven by a real desire to help clients achieve optimum physical and mental wellbeing, Endrick Holistics can offer bespoke sessions that will address your personal needs.



As a  holistic therapist, I am passionate about what I do- I love helping others and witnessing the positive ripple effects the therapies have on my clients whether they come to their sessions as a treat, a self-care practice, a way to keep stress levels under control or to help them deal with physical or emotional needs. I aim to work alongside conventional medicine in a natural and supportive way to promote better health and wellbeing for my clients. 


With a traditional medical degree behind her, Frederique Power discovered the healing power of Reflexology when experiencing a challenging personal situation. This inspired her to take the wealth of knowledge she already has, and integrate it with powerful holistic therapies that tackle the whole entity of ‘being human’ – the physical, the emotional and the natural flow of energy – to realise immense postive changes in her clients’ wellbeing.

Qualified to the the highest level in Clinical Reflexology, and experienced in palliative care for cancer patients, Frederique is fully insured and accredited.


Whether for simple relaxation and pampering, or to tackle deeper physical or emotional issues, reflexology can be deeply relaxing. Reflexology is a holistic treatment based on ancient principles.  Focussing on zones and on the feet, hands and ears, these areas form a complex map that connect the nervous system and energy flow to corresponding parts of the body. When pressure is applied to these very specific points, the flow of energy is stimulated along the nerve pathways, and helps to restore balance within the body.

Indian Head Massage

The ultimate in deep relaxation, this is a simple treatment with a great many unexpected benefits. Indian Head Massage is an effective way to release tension in the muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders. The resulting release of tension can be instrumental in relieving the symptoms of fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraines and even sinusitis. Calming and the ultimate in relaxing treatments, clients report feeling energised and focussed after a session.







Reiki stands for “Universal Life Force”  and is an energy therapy which promotes healing and relaxation. Originally from Japan, it is usually a hands-off therapy done with hands raised above the body. Gentle touch may also be used to restore the balance of energy within the body, unblocking and allowing energy to flow to where it is required.

  • Reduces or eliminates pain.
  • Relaxes the body and increases its mobility.
  • Eliminates migraines and other headaches.
  • Accelerates healing time.
  • Accelerates recovery after surgery.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Cleanses body of toxins
  • Increases energy and vitality.


Endrick Holistics is available within the Balfron area, and surrounding villages, and has a clinic on Wednesday evenings at the Lumsdaine Halls in Killearn.


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