20 Good Reasons to List Your Business in our Business Directory:
  • The cost is incredibly low compared to any other advertising
  • Our post reach, for ONE month on Facebook, was 18K people
  • Our digital platform is fully responsive across all Smart devices
  • We are active across social media channels and promote where we can
  • It is not a ‘static’ business directory site
  • Google searches loves a hyperlocal digital business directory, particularly one with changing content/articles
  • Articles within the magazine are written by a professional journalist, are interesting and engaging
  • You can use photos, video and sound to showcase what your business can offer
  • If you do not have a website, the listing effectively gives you a free web page
  • If you do have a webpage, it helps your Google rankings to be listed
  • The magazine is packed full of changing articles, community information, what’s on, walks & events that attract potential customers to the page
  • A targeted audience – you can be easily found within a categorised listing by people looking for specific services or products within a specific area
  • Your directory listing is professionally written, and visually looks smokin’ hot
  • We are not an ‘advertiser’, and offer something quite unique
  • Articles can occasionally wrap around interesting things that are happening with your business
  • Local, friendly & flexible, we try our very best to offer something of value to the local community and the businesses therein
  • The feedback we have had from current directory listings has been overwhelming and positive
  • Importantly, we will try our very best for you
  • We offer INCREDIBLE and unrivalled value at only  £120 for an entire year (thats £10 per month)
  • For a limited period we are offering a TWO MONTH FREE TRIAL to showcase what we can offer


I cannot recommend Linked Business Directory advertising highly enough. The advertising space is worth it’s weight in gold. Very accommodating. Fantastic pricing. I know where my money will be going, along with my future advertising. The Shire Man & Van


Linked Magazine is a fantastic business directory for any business, and the level of service outstanding. Airbiotics


Linked Magazine is a really valuable resource and a breath of fresh air amid some other local advertising. Used as advertiser and for looking for services. Old Mill, Killearn


What a great local resource, fabulous at helping to promote your business across a range of mediums. The Gin Thing


Delighted with the look of my business listing. New orders already as a direct result. Excellent value and effective marketing. Iona Buchanan Designs


We have recently joined linked magazine, and what a fantastic job they have done , well worth a look, also a fantastic price for professional business advertising. Thank you Linked Magazine from your very happy customer. Coffee Kiln Cafe, Buchlyvie


We from Art4You Scotland can only agree with the above comment. Linked Magazine takes the initiative to promote your business. Worthwhile listing your business. Claudia Duncan


Still not sure? Perhaps you are accustomed to the traditional avenue of paper advertising. We get that people like to be able to see their advert on paper, and that’s just fine if you like the old school vibe. Research shows, however, that that few potential customers will reach for a paper magazine to look for a product or service. In the modern world, your business needs to be easily found online with one-click, and Linked Magazine works to fly the flag for your business online.

It would be easy for Linked Magazine to transer our vast digital content onto paper, and have it delivered locally, but we choose not to because we think it’s expensive and unecessary.

Digital Directory v Paper Advertising

Full web page with professional content v Your business within the limited confines of a tiny area of paper

Opportunity to use photos/video/sound to showcase your business v Pick one image/logo for your paper ad

Up to 500 lines of text to sell your business v A few lines of text in paper ad

Digital space gives you an unlimited platform to showcase your business or product v Very limited platform to showcase the same

Customers can search on their smart devices and click straight through to your company v Customers reclaim paper advertiser from recycling to find the number

A targeted audience because they are already searching for certain services or products within a specific area v Paper Adverts in area ‘drop’

Customers can click directly from the directory to website/contact you by email or phone/follow you on social media v See recycling bin

Much less expensive v More expensive

Saves tree/low environmental impact v Doesn’t save trees/high environmental impact


We would love you to give us a try, and to that end we are offering a FREE two month trial for a limited period.


local business directory for Scotland - GLASGOW, STIRLING, Stirlingshire, Loch Lomond & Trossachs

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