‘Balfron from Fintry Road’

What a rather fabulous find while foraging among the antiques and vintage items at Doune Antiques.

A notion to have a look through the boxes of old photographic postcards revealed this little gem.  The view, as stated, is from the Fintry road looking towards Balfron. I live on that very road, and would suggest the view is from above Claylands Farm, opposite Ballikinrain School entrance. I’ve not been along for a recce yet, but will try to ‘match’ a photo soon.

So, local sleuths, anyone able to shed any light?

Having checked the postacard image with Valentine’s (the postcard manufacturer), the image was registered in 1931.

The stamp suggests 1937+.


Postcard from J.J.S. to the Rev P Jackson MA




As far as I can read…

I am enjoying a few days here. This is a nice part and the weather is not too bad. Thanks for the p.c.  Mother is not too grand these days – very frail. We got news of wedding and (even I’m a bit surprised???). Hope you had a good time at yours. Write a line sometime.





How intriguing. Was JJS on holiday? Was he/she visiting family (the frail mother perhaps)?

Given the dates, it’s possible Balliknrain was a hotel at that time, so it may have been a random holidaymaker. At the outbreak of war, Ballikinrain became a girls boarding school, so perhaps a teacher or pupil was sending a photo postcard of the view?


I’m no historian, but would love to hear any thoughts from locals!
























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