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Sea Glass Crafting- 11 Projects to get you inspired

Sea glass is a beautiful and unique material that can be used in a variety of crafts. Whether you’ve been collecting sea glass for years or you’re just starting out, there are plenty of creative and beautiful ways to use this material in your crafting. Below we’ve shared some of our favourite sea glass craft ideas- we hope they get you inspired!  

1. Sea Glass Suncatcher

Holding up a freshly discovered piece of sea glass and having it backlit by sunlight is one of the purest pleasures in sea glass hunting. Why not bring this feeling inside by using sea glass to create a suncatcher? Semi-translucent, sea glass is perfect for refracting positive energy and light around the house in a medley of beautiful rainbows and flecked light.
There’s no right way to make one either, so enjoy playing with materials that feel right to you. Some people hang the glass from driftwood or a large shell, others use old light fittings or embroidery hoops. We would suggest using microfilament or fishline to string the sea glass, but there is nothing stopping you from using things like ribbon, twine or fish netting. Simply drill the glass, string them on your chosen material and tie it to the decorative top. Hang it somewhere it is sure to be in sunlight and enjoy its rainbow hues.

2. Sea Glass Mosaics

The best thing about making sea glass mosaics is that they can be used to decorate almost anything; picture frames, mirrors, coasters, bathroom counters, tabletops or stepping-stones. All you need is a surface (a white or mirrored background works best to show off the glass colours), appropriate adhesive for your specific project and a sealant. Simply arrange the sea glass in a pattern or design of your choice, attach it to the surface and seal the mosaic to protect it and make it shine.

3. Sea Glass Candle Holder

One of the simpler projects, sea glass candles are a beautiful and easy way to add a touch of the beach to your home decor. Simply glue sea glass onto the outside of a glass candle holder and place a candle inside. When the candle is lit, the sea glass will glow and create a beautiful and peaceful ambiance.
Alternatively, use your sea glass to make a candle display. Fill a clear jar approximately a third full with sea glass (mixed or similar in hue- it’s your choice!), and nestle your candles on top. Quick and easy, the only thing you need to watch out for is glass cracking if the heat gets too strong or the flame too close.

4. Sea Glass Terrariums

Combine the healing power of plants with the beauty of sea glass to create a unique and pretty terrarium display. If your plant requires drainage, sea glass can be used to add a quirky and colourful layer to the pot, and if you have an air plant it can simply be added along with sand and shells to make a terrarium ideal for a beach lover. Beautiful and low maintenance, it is the perfect addition to any home or office.


5. Sea Glass Pictures

Embrace a multimedia approach and combine your sea glass with paint, pen and pencil to create beautiful pictures. Just glue pieces to card or canvas and see what they become with a little imagination. The different shapes sea glass is tumbled into is great for inspiration, and we have seen amazing art made in the likeness of flowers, birds, jellyfish, trees, drinks and figures by the addition of some simple lines. This can be a great and unique way to do handmade cards or tags, and when framed makes wonderful wall displays.

6. Sea Glass Christmas Trees

This craft is a little more seasonal, but the result is beautiful! All you need is a Styrofoam cone, strong glue, sea glass and a starfish for the top. There are two ways to do it. The quicker and easier way is to glue the sea glass directly onto the cone until all the foam is covered. However, if you want (in our opinion at least) a more impressive tree we suggest doing the slightly harder layered technique. 
To do this, you need to insert the glass into the Styrofoam at an angle between 45-90 degrees deep enough that it holds there. Then remove the glass, put glue on the edge which goes into the foam, then place it back in position. Insert a toothpick underneath to hold it in place and support until the glue is fully dried. Repeat around the entire cone so that the sea glass sits like a layered skirt. This may mean having to leave and come back to the project, but a patient approach will create the best results. When fully dry, and all the glass stays securely, remove the supporting toothpicks. Finally, take one last toothpick and attach your starfish. Wait for it to dry then insert it into the top of the cone as your topper.

7. Sea Glass and Resin

Pictures, coasters, ‘stained glass’ windows, mosaics, trinket trays; there are loads of options when it comes to combining sea glass and resin. Intrigued? You will need a mold, nitrile gloves, safety glasses, mixing cups, stir sticks and a form of clear cast epoxy resin. 
In your mold, place sea glass in the desired layout then pour over the resin (with some resin types you may need to level it, however others are self-levelling). Depending on your project, you may need to glue the sea glass down, or push them down through the curing process. Alternatively, you could just leave them as is. With resin crafts, there is always a risk of air bubbles. Lighters, a small butane torch, or a heat gun can help remove them before the project cures- just make sure to do this with extreme caution!  
Allow your epoxy resin art to cure for 24 to 48 hours (you will know when it is done when it forms a solid clear surface and is untacky to touch), and enjoy your resin craft!

8. Sea Glass Bowl

Cover a small to medium sized bowl (large may not hold its shape) with three to four layers of clingfilm. Using glue, start at the bottom/rim and attach sea glass to make a smooth edge. Gradually work upwards and around until your reach the top. For this section try to pick pieces which are similar in depth so you have a flat base when it dries. Allow it to dry for longer than you’d think!- even up to a week if needed. When you are sure it is dry carefully remove the bowl. Sometimes the clingfilm remains attached so you may need to do some delicate removal or, if it is not very noticeable, just trim the excess clingfilm around the edge.  
This sea glass creation looks particularly magical when illuminated by battery operated candles, or filled with fairy lights.

9. Display Board

Another simple project with impressive results is organising your sea glass and other beachcombing trinkets on a backboard to create a display. You can do shapes and spirals, ombre effect or even create a seascape by combining different shades and colours of glass, shells and driftwood- just make sure they are securely glued down before you hang it up!. Circles or shaped boards can also work well if you want to make it a little different.
Alternatively, buy a second-hand letterpress drawer and hang it on the wall. All the tiny compartments can be a great way to both store and display your sea glass collection. Simply fill it with your favourite and most unusual beach combing finds, then place it somewhere everyone can admire.

10. Sea Glass Curtain

If you have patience and a lot of sea glass to spare, you could even try making a window or doorway curtain. After stringing up drilled sea glass, all you need is a rail or driftwood it can hang from. You could try doing each string a different colour, create an ombre effect, or just have it as a multicoloured. 

11. Sea Glass Ornament 

Perfect for decorating or giving as small gifts, sea glass ornaments are a beautiful and quirky way to provide a sense of occasion. All you need to do is buy clear plastic or glass ornament jars, baubles or spheres and fill them with sea glass. If you want more of a beachscape, feel free to add sand, small shells and other beachcombing finds. Finish it off with some twine or ribbon and it’s ready to go.
This is just a small list of ideas, but we hope they’ve at least got your creative juices flowing! Remember, this is simply inspiration, so don’t be afraid to experiment and adjust to suit your own style and interests. 
Let us know how you get on, and tag us in your sea glass creations at @bohosilver on Facebook or @bohosilverstudio on Instagram!
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