If you would like advertorial coverage; a post that reviews or features your Scottish product, brand or business please get in touch. Prices are modest. 

  • Choose a small box advert for your business that will remain on the landing page of Linked Magazine.
  • We offer product or business reviews. Sometimes if you invite us to experience a great product, place or experience, we will happily review and post about this in the magazine
  • We can also write professional advertorial to promote your business, and post on our online platform


The business must be located in Scotland. We are aiming to promote quality aspects of Scotland, so really looking to products that are handmade, craft and artisanal in nature. We think their is a wealth of Scottish talent out there.

We can sample for you Scottish foods, drinks, eateries, art, spaces and experiences, and write up on the experience. Again we are looking for places that offer something special. 

email us at editor@linkedmagazine.co.uk to see if we can work something together