There are LOADS of reasons to list your business with us (I’ll give some in a moment), but for the little businesses out there with no website this might be the clincher….


So, you have a one-page online presence that can be found by search engines like Google. That’s included in what has to be the cheapest local advertising you will find – £120 for a full year (that works out as £10 per month!).



10 reasons to list your business in our Business Directory:
  1. The listing looks professional and smokin’ hot
  2. If you have no website, it effectively gives you a free web page
  3. Professionally written content within the listing to help you showcase your business
  4. Google can find your business, and if you have a website it increases your website rankings if it has links to a professional business directory
  5. You can use photos and videos to really show off what your company offers
  6. A targeted audience – you can be easily found within a categorised listing by people looking for specific services or products within a specific area
  7. This is a a glossy digital magazine, not an advertiser, so the community gets ‘value’ with constantly changing and interesting articles that are written by a professional journalist
  8. We can wrap occasional articles around interesting things that are happening with your business
  9. We are friendly, flexible and trying very hard to offer something of value to the local community and the businesses therein
  10. Linked Magazine is offering (free) journalism workshops to local schools, free listings for local jobs, events and clubs, and engaging with the community where possible
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