There has been unauthorised felling of a significant number of trees on an area of land on the north side of Drumkinnon Bay, near Loch Lomond Shores, including land managed by the National Park Authority.

This has caused severe damage to a sensitive and popular area and has had significant visual impact. We take this matter extremely seriously and have reported it to the police, who are investigating further.

As this area is popular with members of the public we have taken the immediate step of fencing the area off in order to make the site safe and allow us to assess the damage. We will reopen the area as quickly as possible.

If you have any information that you think may be relevant on this matter please contact the police.



Following the statement issued on Wednesday 21st March on the unauthorised felling of trees on the north side of Drumkinnon Bay near Loch Lomond Shores, we have now also taken action to put in place a Tree Preservation Order.

The area affected by this Order forms part of larger woodland running between Loch Lomond Shores and Cameron House. This area forms a prominent backdrop to Drumkinnon Bay and is a popular visitor area. A map showing the area covered can be viewed here.

The felling has had a significant negative impact on the setting of Drumkinnon Bay and Loch Lomond Shores and has attracted public interest.

In addition to reporting this matter to the Police, we have taken this action quickly to protect this wider area of woodland as it will enable additional measures to be taken should any further unauthorised felling be carried out.

A Tree Preservation Order does not prevent management and maintenance of the trees it covers but does mean that consent to carry out any work to the trees would be required in advance. As with any Tree Preservation Order, there is now a six week consultation period for members of the public to make any comments on this Order.

The site continues to be closed off to members of the public in order to make the area safe and will be reopened as soon as possible.
It is important that as much of the cut down timber as possible stays on site in order to encourage restoration of the trees and minimise any impacts to the wildlife of the area.

We will continue to work closely with the Police and will provide further information when we can.

If you have any information that you think may be relevant on this matter please contact the police.

For more information about Tree Preservation Orders click here

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