It’s not rocket science, but are we really taking note?

Biochemists warn that exposure to toxic chemicals in household cleaners poses a health threat.

The study, entitled, Do You Know What You Are Breathing? demonstrated that the everyday kitchen and bathroom spray cleaners that we use daily contain bleach, ammonia and other substances have been closely linked to skin and eye irritations and even cancer. Walk down the ‘cleaning products’ aisle of the supermarket and you can feel the chemicals in the air catch the back of your throat.

Now, I’m all for going back to the natural products (aka household chemicals) that our grandparents used, but making an array of concoctions with vinegar, sodium bicarbonate and lemon juice just isn’t going to happen in my home. I love the idea of it, but the reality means it just won’t happen. I want to pick up a bottle of something ‘on the run’ and quickly spray and clean my work surfaces, tiles, baths, sink…. But it also needs to be an effective cleaner and, frankly, do the job of the nasty chemical cleaners.

So what’s the alternative? I’ve now discovered a really clever product called Airbiotics.

It’s supplied locally by Keith at The Oaks Direct, and he delivers to lots of local homes and businesses. It’s a very effective and affordable way to keep our homes clean and free from pathogens, without resorting to hazardous chemicals.

Airbiotics are a refreshingly new approach to health and cleaning – instead of working against nature as conventional cleaners do, Airbiotics works with Nature, using patented safe probiotic agents to combat harmful bacteria, with the longer term effect of cleaner, safer environment for everyone.

Keith Harvey approached Linked Magazine to place his business within the Business Directory, but his product deserves a bit of air time to explain what it is – it’s not the ‘usual’ cleaning agent. I’m a fan. I think it’s an innovative product, is safe (no chemicals), ticks all the environmental boxes and actually functions more effectively than the chemical agents we are more familiar with.

Keith is finding that the ethos of Airbiotics as an effective and environmentally-friendly cleaning solution is gaining momentum, with multinational companies opting for this as a safe and effective way to keep the work environment clean, and to ensure staff are less likely to succumb to illnesses transmitted via surfaces and in the air. He has clients in Harley Street clinics that are keeping patients safe using this natural microbe technology.

So, why is Airbiotics more effective than a chemical spray? Well, we have been happily spraying chemical-based disinfectants at our bacteria-laden surfaces, annoying moulds, mildew and any other invisible invader within the home. The chemical disinfectants do kill everything, but the effect only lasts a few hours or minutes, and then actually make things worse by giving new bacteria a food source. That’s right, all the germs you just killed leave a rather tasty biofilm of dead bacteria for new bacteria to feast upon.



Airbiotics are full of the good guys; harmless bacteria that happily engulf the bad bacteria and break down the biofilm. So, when you apply Airbiotics, you are crowding out the bad bacteria with good (harmless) bacteria. So, being living organisms, they keep doing the job long after you have applied the product. Clever. The principle reminds me of the non-chemical biological agents available to control pests in the garden – natural predators to consume the pests.

By replacing dangerous pathogens with our powerful probiotics we control the microbiological environment through natural competition. StaBioticsTM probiotics actually deconstructs biofilm… and is the only product that does so safely, easily and without chemicals. Without biofilm, there is no place for harmful germs to hide and hold dirt.

There is a heap of science, microbiology information and studies around this product, and it’s actually very interesting.

Keith at The Oaks Direct is totally enthused by the product and knows everything about it. He is happy to chat to anyone about Airbiotics (with no obligation whatsoever).

There are an array of products to tackle everything from kitchen cleaning, to pet allergies and nasty odours. All natural and environmentally friendly. At first glance it looks pricey – look again – the bottles actually contain concentrate, and they dilute down to make many bottles of spray.




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