The secret memoirs that might just help vulnerable females find their inner strength. This Amazon Best Seller is helping young women change their outlook and come to grips with many issues surrounding their identity, feelings and experiences.

Nadia Ismail’s debut title and Amazon Best Seller Sunshine After the Rain explores the realms of sex, drugs, drink, family, depression and rape. This newly released book is helping young women change their outlook and come to grips with many issues surrounding their identity, feelings and experiences.

The secret memoirs were originally written as self-therapy to help her combat a number of issues and post-traumatic stress. The accounts were never meant to be released but last year the newly published author had a change of heart. Nadia decided that it was time for the secret material to finally make its way into the public domain with the aim of helping as many confused and vulnerable young women as possible.

“I originally started the book as part of my self-therapy and never really had any plans to publish it. I suppose I was always worried about exposing my innermost secrets and feelings and then being judged.

Last year I went travelling and then something changed and I thought I can’t be scared of the what ifs. If people want to judge then it’s their problem not mine. It’s scary in one sense that my work – my life is out there for the taking but if I can help one person change their life around, then it was worth it.”

Readers of the book have already expressed great enthusiasm and it looks like the book is set for huge success.

“This story encourages us to re-think. It’s not a complicated narrative and it’s the simplicity that makes it so powerful. This story helped me understand that it’s the simple everyday things in life that matter, our family, friends and celebrations. I was enlightened to our ‘internal power’ and realise that the remedies to our life dramas are not ‘out there’ they’re ‘in here (within us)’. This narrative reminded me that life is a rollercoaster and that there can always be ‘Sunshine After the Rain’.”Sam Shakes, Author.

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Nadia Ismail, an avid traveler, writer, actress and entrepreneur became fascinated with positive thoughts and the law of attraction following on from a close encounter leaving her in hospital for days. Her book Sunshine After the Rain is a non-fictional story based on that experience and the lead up to it.  Nadia Ismail also runs a site dedicated to women in the creative industry who wish to showcase their innermost talents and connect with other women at

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