Saturday 3rd June

Well, the preparation is in full swing with a fabulous new stretch canvas within the garden of the Old Mill Inn, Killearn, and fairy lights adorning every pillar, post, awning and outside space. I dropped in for a peek today. In the absence of beer-swilling locals, the site for the Killearn Beer Festival looks like a rather charming and rustic wedding venue. If the weather holds, and sun the shines, the event will be tremendous. If it doesn’t, we won’t care because we have a mammoth stretch canvas to keep us dry and allow us to party on.

Alchemy In Action

How soon can I get a drink after the Killearn 10K?

The Killearn 10K happens in advance of the Beer Festival, and if you are not putting on your trainers to run the race (the event is full, and you cannot enter on the day, or just pitch up….you have been warned!), then consider coming along to give support to the runners who are brave enough to take part in what is quite a challenging wee trail race. There will be elite runners, alongside newbies, so it’s a mixed field of runners, with prizes for the highest placed male/female locals. I’ll be running, but a podium place is not on the cards. So, with the event starting at 11am, runners will be seeking beers and refreshments around lunchtime. Although the Beer Festival proper doesn’t kick off until 3pm, the Old Mill Inn is open at Midday for delicious food and has a full bar to assist with refuelling and rehydration.

I hate beer, surely there is no point in going?

That is where you are so very wrong. Alongside the plethora of craft beers the bar will serve food and drinks as usual, and Tennents is available on tap. There are also craft ciders, so never fear.

Better still, and this really is the exciting bit – within the stunning garden there is a *shouts with excitement* GINS OF THE WORLD tent AND a PROSECCO BAR.

So, how many craft beers are there?

Lots. Each brewery is supplying a selection of beers, and the craft brewers include the Fintry Brewing Company, Cross Borders Brewing Company, Campervan Brewery, Up Front Brewing, Loch Lomond Brewery, Fallen Brewing Co, plus Thistly Cross and Waulkmill ciders.

Can we have a dance?

As luck would have it, there is live music to accompany the beer, and individuals are at liberty to strut their stuff as they feel appropriate.

However, pole dancing is banned on account of the poles holding up the tent….


What if I get hungry?

There will be a selection of food available at the Killearn Festival, so you can enjoy the Old Mill Inn ‘street food’, or use it tactically to soak up all that lovely beer. Or prosecco or gin….



It looks set to be a rather fantastic event. Look forward to seeing you all there.



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