Conditions are now favouring the River Forth and we have had two fish caught already this week. Sea Trout are now entering the river in more substantial numbers and a few are getting caught spinning during the day. The expectations are high for the rest of the week.

Season permits and day permits are still available at very reasonable costs. (Stirling Council Fisheries)

Contact – 01786 404040

Stirling Council has a page of useful information about fishing in Stirlingshire,


The following – taken from their website – lists some very local fishing spots within a 12 mile radius of Stirling, but there are many others if you want to travel a little further.

  • Carron Valley Reservoir
  • Castle Hill Reservoir
  • Cocksburn Reservoir
  • Crook of Devon Fishery
  • Glenquey Reservoir
  • Glensherrup Trout Fishery
  • Loch Coulter
  • Loch Leven
  • Lower Frandy Reservoir
  • River Allan
  • River Carron
  • River Devon
  • River Forth
  • Swans Water
  • Wellsfield Farm
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