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Airbiotics is a revolutionary new cleaning product that is ENTIRELY CHEMICAL FREE.

Used in the same manner as traditional cleaning products, Airbiotics has an innovative and effective way of dealing with bacteria, viruses and all the usual dirt and debris that can build on our surfaces. Airbiotic products are pet friendly, skin friendly, environmentally friendly and once you have tried, will very quickly replace the caustic bleach and other damaging chemical cleaners in your home, school or office.

Airbiotics not only gets rid of all the usual grime and bacteria lurking on surfaces, but actually leaves an invisible film that keeps on working for days.

  • kitchens counters
  • glass
  • mirrors
  • hard floors
  • ceramic tiles
  • tables
  • walls
  • wooden surfaces
  • electronic applicances
  • toilets, baths and sinks
  • bedding and soft surfaces (can combat dust mites)

The cost effective products last a long time, and leaves none of the chemical residue that can be left on food prep areas by chemical sprays.

It is also a fantastic product if you suffer with pet allergies, as there is a spray specifically designed to safely tackle the dander from pets.

Why use Airbiotics?


Airbiotics is a very clever and innovative product. In fact, Airbiotics is the future of chemical-free cleaning.

There are bacteria all around us; both inside and outside of our body (mouth, nose, gut, hair) and on every single thing that we touch. Our Smartphones often having more nasty bacteria lurking than a toilet seat (one to think on). Most bacteria live symbiotically with us, the ‘good’ bacteria, and actively kill off and digest the bad bacteria that is also all around. This bacteria keeps us safe and healthy, and keeps the bad stuff at bay.

Microorganisms that are not so good for us can cause disease, food spoilage and odours, and the microbes tend to form colonies and work together to aid their own survival.

Take the black stains that form on your bathroom grout as an example. This is the result of a number of different microorganisms living and working together.  Known as a biofilm, it is made up of the bugs themselves, and their biological by-products. It forms a protective film on hard surfaces that can harbour pathogens.

Yes, a spray of bleach might solve the problem, but traditional chemical cleaners kill all the bacteria they encounter  – both the good and the bad. That, alongside the excessive use of antibiotics, has resulted in an increase in resistent microorganisms.

How does Airbiotics work?

Airbiotics is all about the natural balance.

Airbiotics has harnessed the microbiology of these bacterial ecosystems for a simple but effective biological strategy to clean the home. Packed into every product are simply good bacteria, or ‘probiotics’, that cause you no harm whatsoever, but go to work immediately to literally digest the colonies of bad bacteria. These little guys really are your friends. They will consume pathogens and unhelpful bacteria anywhere, and actually leave a healthy biofilm of their own to continue the good work long after the surface has been cleaned.


This is a very recent innovation in cleaning but, once you have seen the results and understand how fantastic this cleaning method is, you will never return to the old-fashioned use of harmful chemicals.

Keith Harvey at The Oaks Direct is a complete convert to the system, and will happily talk you through the science and the impressive results they have had using these products.

Airbiotics is chemical free, non toxic, non abrasive, alcohol free, non gmo, organic, biodegradable, allergy free and hypoallergenic.







According to studies conducted by Princeton Consumer Research Corporation:

Airbiotics’ effect on contaminants is much longer (up to five days) than leading disinfectants (just a few hours).

Airbiotics All Purpose Cleaner, Home Spray (Mist), and Hand Cleaner were all dermatologically tested on human subjects to determine the irritation and sensitization potential of these products. All were determined to be safe for use, safe for skin, and hypoallergenic.

94.2% of home use study participants said that the product was excellent or good and 100% said they would recommend the All Purpose Cleaner regime to friends and family

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