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Professional Tree Inspection for Householders, Public Bodies, Country Estates, Protected Areas, Developers, Property Managers and Insurance Companies. Contact: Chris Calvey
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C. A. Calvey, P.T.I., Tech.Cert (Arbor.A), Cert.Arb (RFS), BA Hons. Consulting Arborist Society (Professional Member)

Chris is one of only a handful of qualified tree inspectors in Scotland.

Chris carries out tree inspections across Scotland. While your local Tree Surgeon is likely to be a highly skilled tree worker, few are qualified inspectors, and it is vital to know you are legally covered when it comes to trees on your property.

Professional and friendly, Chris is well known in his field of work and advises home owners public bodies, country estates, Protected Areas, developers, property managers and insurance companies.

Home Owners

Every home owner should be aware that they have a responsibility when it comes to the trees on their own land. Tree owners are responsible for trees on their land and have a legal duty of care. It might be a tree is next to a footpath or road, or is at the boundary of another property, and can pose a potential risk to the public or another property. A tree inspection for £150 can save you many times that amount in the long run, and unecessary tree removal will cost in the region of £500.

Existing tree owners should have inspections carried out if no inspection has been carried out as soon as possible. With mature trees, an inspection every three years is recommended. Prospective homeowners should have the trees on a property inspected before purchasing a new home as a tree problem could be expensive to solve or have damaged the building in some way. Sometimes banks and mortgage companies require home buyers to get a survey before purchase. A tree inspection is particularly important if mature trees are in the grounds or near the buildings.

Never undertake tree work yourself or allow an amateur to do it because you think it will save you money. Tree work is potentially highly dangerous, requiring skilled craftsmen often high above ground level using special equipment.  This equipement can only be used legally by a certificated and competent person. Do not leave yourself open to risk, avoid injury to yourself, other people, damage to your property, and legal action – household insurance will not protect you.

Land Owner & Land Managers

With over twenty years of working with land owners and the private sector The Tree Inspector offers a range of value for money services tailored to landowners needs. A comprehensive tree management service enables owners to ensure they are able to meet their duty of care in relation to trees and public safety; balanced appropriately with other land management operations.

Tree Risk Surveys & Policy Documentation
Public Access Assessments
Planning & Development Assistance and Surveys
Tender Preparations and Contract Management
Aboricultural Clerks of Work Supervision


Planners, Developers, Architects & Designers

The Tree Inspector provides arboriculture consultancy services for development sites throughout the lifecycle of a project from pre-purchase and pre-design of a site through to design, planning application and construction phases. Expertise results in timeous solutions; resolving potential conflicts between planning, design and construction to ensure a successful planning application and construction. We liaise with all stakeholders during this process and in particular the local Tree Officers to discuss design proposals including arboriculture advice during the design stages.

Species selection for design proposals
Planting Design Schemes and specifications
Visual Tree Inspections on proposed development sites
Arboricultural Implication Study (AIS) on proposed development as part of a planning application.
Arboricultural Method Statement for Construction Works Close to Trees
TPO Advice
Arboricultural Clerks of Work Supervision
Contractor Selection


Protected Areas

Protected Areas and sensitive areas for biodiversity. Protected areas involves managing trees safely for public access together with enhancing biodiversity, requiring almost opposing management prescriptions. The Tree Inspector can advise on the appropriate application and location in each case. Chris Calvey has twenty six years experience in the conservation sector and was the Senior Manager for The Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park.

Hazard Tree Assessment
Woodland surveys for recreation and access
Footpath planning and construction
Bird, Bat & Badger Surveys
Tree planting projects
Countryside Interpretation


Local Authorities & Government

Public safety and the conservation of trees in the community are high priorities and professional tree risk assessments enable local authorities to reduce the risk of damage or injury caused by trees in their care. We provide a full range of arboricultural consultancy services for local authority and government sites.

Individual, group, and woodland inspections
Aboriculture Implication Study’s (AIS)
Professional advice and guidance for Trees in Relation to Construction
Liaison with LPA and client / agent
Public consultation
Arboriculture work specification
Amenity planting schemes

The Tree Inspector offers a comprehensive range of services to any individual or organisation that has trees growing  on their land. Chris is happy to chat to anyone who is unsure whether a survey might be a good idea in their particular situation, and can advise and guide on a wide range of tree-related issues. Please get in touch for a friendly and professional service.

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