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Adventure Dogs don’t do boring walks. Instead, every walk is planned to ensure it is a fun and stimulating adventure for your dog. There will be hills, trails, rivers and new paths to follow, and quite possibly some mud thrown into the mix.

Walks are varied and include forays into the Carron Valley and Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park.


They are called ‘Mans Best Friend’ for a reason; they comfort us, make us laugh, and are the most loyal beings on this planet. In return, we should give them the most fun, caring and exciting life we can. Sadly with so many commitments to family and work, a lot of loving families are unable to provide this, and life becomes the same.

About Adventure Dogs

The same boring walks, the same smells, the same dogs to sniff, and a long day stuck inside the house alone. – This is where I step in.

With Adventure Dogs, I make up the time you don’t have; filling your dogs day with excitment and fun.

Unlike most dog walkers, I don’t believe a quick walk round the local park cuts it. Dogs are endurance animals. In the wild much of their time is spent on their paws moving and hunting – so is a quick ten minute walk really going to help?

Based in Kippen, I am surrounded by stunning landscapes and trails where your dog can roam freely and explore for hours. Instead of a boring walk on the lead, I give them a day of adventure featuring:

Changeable Walks

Different Terrains

Different Pace

Time to play with other dogs

In return, they give me a job I love. I get to meet new dogs every week, develop strong bonds with the regulars, and see them establish their own friendships.


Get in touch now, while there are still have a few spaces left for dog walking.


Adventure Dogs also offer an affordable puppy & cat sitting service, as well as boarding at home for dogs that are walked with them.

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